'Pregnancy Nose' Is Trending on TikTok—What Is It?

No, it's not just you. Your nose can grow during pregnancy. An expert explains why, and when to expect it to go back to its pre-pregnancy size.

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TikTokers are getting real about a little-talked-about pregnancy symptom called "pregnancy nose." They're not holding back, and they're having a little fun with it because when you're pregnant and experiencing a ton of bodily changes and raging hormones, that's just what you have to do.

"Ya'll want to talk about pregnancy nose? It gets progressively worse," warned one mom who goes by @kalyn.hill on TikTok.

You can tell from her before and after shots that her nose got larger as time went on.

Ditto for TikToker @mamba.basa, who divulges she thought she'd look so cute during pregnancy.

But, alas, she captioned her before-and-after video, "Look at the size of my nose already."

Commenters swore off kids.

"Child-free it is," said one.

"I…barely recognize my nose anymore," said @anumrubec.

"I'm already insecure about my big and strong nose. Imagine if it gets wider," commented one person.

"Wait, OMG, I was thinking my nose looks bigger. This is an actual thing?" asked another.

Dr. Jessica Madden

Although 'pregnancy nose' is not a medical term, many women's noses do appear to be bigger toward the end of pregnancy, and they may also experience more frequent nasal drainage than prior to pregnancy."

— Dr. Jessica Madden

Is Pregnancy Nose a Real Thing?

Your nose is just fine regardless of how big or small it is and whether you are pregnant or not—truly. But, some people may be confused about this potential symptom, and knowledge is power. So, before you write off pregnancy if it's something you want, let's discuss: Is pregnancy nose a thing, or just another TikTok rumor?

One doc says that, yes, your nose can get larger during pregnancy.

"Although 'pregnancy nose' is not a medical term, many women's noses do appear to be bigger toward the end of pregnancy, and they may also experience more frequent nasal drainage than prior to pregnancy," says Dr. Jessica Madden, MD, IBCLC, the medical director of Aeroflow Breastpumps.

As you might expect, those pesky hormones are to blame. According to Dr. Madden, "These nose changes are due to a hormonally-mediated increase in [people's] circulating blood volume during pregnancy.

Although most of the increased blood volume is intended to support a growing fetus and uterus, all parts of the body end up receiving increased blood flow during pregnancy."

This blood flow is also why you may find yourself having to urinate more frequently.

Unfortunately, sometimes this leads to an increase in bloody noses—which is harmless. Noses can also swell if you get IV fluids during labor. But other times, a larger nose may be cause for concern.

When To Be Concerned About a Growing Pregnancy Nose

"Pre-eclampsia, a pregnancy condition that causes edema (swelling) can also contribute to some noses appearing bigger," Dr. Madden says.

Bring it up with your provider or medical professional if you're concerned. Going to pre-natal appointments ensures you're keeping up with necessary testing, like blood pressure checks, that can flag pre-eclampsia.

Though some TikTokers say that their noses never looked the same (let's be honest, the same can be said for multiple things about bodies postpartum), Dr. Madden says the changes should be temporary.

"In most cases, pregnancy nose, resolves around six weeks after giving birth," Dr. Madden says.

Not even your nose knows what it will do should you become pregnant, but we promise your baby will love you and your face as is.

And, hey, if it makes you feel any better, not even celebs are immune. Back in 2018, Chrissy Teigen tweeted about it.

"My pregnancy nose is huge," Teigen posted when she was pregnant with her son, Miles. "This is fascinating."

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