Pregnancy Confidential Podcast Week 21: Weird Advice Pregnant Women Get

Find out what's going on in week 21 of your pregnancy on this podcast episode of Pregnancy Confidential.

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It's Week 21 of your pregnancy and you're finally getting the hang of this business of being with child. You might even have a good idea of what kind of parent you'll be (a good one, duh). But just as you start to gain some confidence as a mom-­to-­be, you're knocked down again by the lady in line at Subway who questions whether your choice of sandwich is appropriate for your condition. Congrats! You have a bump and it's officially open-­season for anyone and everyone to give you baseless, unsolicited advice and nosy questions. In this episode, we'll discuss the worst we've heard and how to deflect criticism with panache.

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About The Podcast

Pregnancy Confidential is a week-by-week podcast hosted by editors from Parents and Fit Pregnancy and Baby. Each episode walks listeners through the physical, emotional and all-round quirks of each week of pregnancy. This is real-talk, girlfriend-to-girlfriend stuff—no hard-to-understand medical information here. This podcast will be your best friend, taking you through the real feelings—the joy and the annoyances—of pregnancy so you never have to experience any of it alone. And it'll have you chuckling all along the way. All episodes available now!

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