8 CBD Products That Can Help Moms Beat Stress, Dry Skin, Sore Muscles & More

From time with friends to glasses of rosé, we all have our go-to fixes for stress-related ailments. Now, more and more people are turning to products made with CBD, or cannabidiol.

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As a mom, you know probably better than anyone that being severely stressed out is a fast-track to feeling unwell. The more you have on your plate, the higher your risk of getting headaches, having trouble sleeping, battling anxiety, etc. From calling a friend to pouring a glass of rosé, we all have our go-to remedies for stress-related ailments. But there's a relatively new game in town that's only getting more and more buzz: therapeutic products made with CBD, or cannabidiol, which could potentially relieve a bevy of every day wellness concerns.

CBD comes from either a marijuana or a hemp plant. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)—which only comes from marijuana—CBD is non-psychoactive and therefore, won't get you high. But a growing body of research has proven that CBD has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-psychotic, anti-convulsant, and antidepressant properties. There's certainly confusion about the legality of CBD. CBD products derived from marijuana version are only available in states that have legalized the plant, while those that come from hemp are easy to find online and in stores nationwide. And of the latter, there are options that could do wonders to bolster your wellness.

Here, CBD products that may be particularly beneficial for moms.

1. Bella Bomba de Bango

If you can manage to sneak in a soak, these Italian Rose-scented bath bombs ($20 at ShopCelebrateBella.com) aim to take to take baths to the next level with hemp-derived CBD oil and other essential oils for a seriously relaxing time in the tub. The line, which features massage oil, bath salts, and a CBD tincture, was created by a mom named Krista Whitley whose daughter Bella suffered from extreme eczema for her entire life.

2. Eva CBD supplements

Made with hemp-derived CBD, this line blends the active ingredient with herbs and other plant-based ingredients in supplements that support sleep, focus, pain relief, energy, and mood. Lots of reasons moms might want to reach for one or all formulations! Bottles of 30 capsules go for $49.99 on EvaCBD.com.

3. ViPova tea

ViPova emphasizes that their black teas—which come in a range of flavors from chai to English Breakfast—are absorbed readily, maximizing impact and effectiveness. They're also available in all 50 states.

4. Charlotte's Web Hemp Extract Oil

The company's original product ($149.99 for 30mL at CWHemp.com) comes in two flavors—Olive Oil and Mint Chocolate—and is meant to counter normal, everyday stress and supporting recovery from exercise. You just mix it into your tea, smoothie, or coffee.

5. Herb Essentials body products

From perfume to body lotion, Herb Essentials products look like the kind of fancy products you could get at an uber-modern, high-end spa, but they're all infused with Cannabis Sativa seed oil and are legal nationwide. The company explains on their website that "Cannabis Sativa seed oil has the ability to stimulate your skin's natural oil production to reach the right balance that keeps your skin clean and protected and hydrated at the same time. This balance needs to be adjusted constantly as you move through life. Through hot and cold, dry and humid. Through pollution, parties and the day after. Through experimental diets and all-nighters." Sounds like the perfect remedy for any mom who's been up with her L.O. for nighttime feedings!

6. Pure Kana Tinctures and Topical Ointment

Fans of these CBD tinctures ($52-$139 at PureKana.com) swear they help with everything from menstrual cramps to anxiety. They come in a variety of flavors like Vanilla Mint. Pure Kana also makes a topical ointment ($80 for 4 oz.) to address muscle soreness and pain.

7. Mary's Nutritionals Transdermal Patches

These transdermal patches ($10 per patch at MarysNutritionals.com) re fairly foolproof, offering a steady, gradual release of CBD over 8-12 hours.

8. Feals

This subscription service offers premium, unflavored, pure CBD made from cannabinoid extract and coconut MCT oil at three different strengths (600 mg, 1200 mg, and 2400 mg). Try the "Feals Flight" ($20 at Feals.com) to find out which one suits you best.

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