We love our mom groups, and the friends we've met in them, but some stereotypical members make us laugh, roll our eyes, or even hit that angry emoji.

Online mom groups can be fantastic. There's nothing like chatting with others who know exactly what you're going through. Plus online friends can be there for you anytime—whether it's 3 a.m. and you need help staying awake during a feeding, or you're too exhausted to put on pants and venture into the real world but desperately need to talk to another adult.

While we can't imagine life without them, some of the members tend to fall into typical mom stereotypes that can have us laughing, rolling our eyes, or even hitting that angry emoji. Here are a few of the types of moms you're likely to meet online. Can you spot your friends? Or better yet, yourself?

The Coconut Oil Countess

No matter the topic, this mom finds a way to bring up her super green lifestyle. She claims coconut oil can cure everything from diaper rash to cancer, and starts every day with an hour of yoga (while babywearing, of course).

The Future Stage Mom

From how long her baby napped this morning to the number of blocks in her toddler's tower, this mom sees parenting as a competition, and will stop at nothing to win. Her posts are filled with her kids' latest accomplishments. Before meeting her you had no idea it was possible to brag about a baby's head circumference.

The Lactivist

This mom's life's mission is to educate everyone about the benefits of breastfeeding. You might not believe her when she insists that breast milk can cure pinkeye better than the drops you got from the pediatrician, but she's your go-to whenever the baby's having trouble getting latched.

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The Fitness Fanatic

Just reading her posts makes you tired. Even with the kiddos underfoot this mom never misses a workout, and she loves to share before and after photos comparing her baby bump to her current six-pack. Every time she posts a typo you suspect she's using text to talk while running with the jogging stroller again.

The 'Look at Me' Mommy

She complains about her husband, her kids, her dog, and posts random photos (is that spit-up?) in an effort to draw attention. Hijacking someone else's post to talk about herself? Her go-to move. Beware this wolf with a diaper bag.

The Comedian

There's always the one mom who treats the group like the audience for her personal stand-up routine. From snappy one-liners to funny come backs, she can make you smile on the day when the baby refuses to nap or turn a volatile thread about vaccinations into a poop meme war.

The Hustler

Essential oils? Skin care? Cute jewelry you'll buy but have no place nice to wear it? This mompreneur is all about making some side cash so she can stay home with her babies. You admire her hustle, but your credit card cringes whenever you see her name pop up in your DMs.

The Chill Mom

You could tell the group that your toddler's head is stuck inside a bee's nest, and this mom's advice would still be the same as it always is: sit back, relax and let the kid figure it out for themselves. You're torn between admiring her constant zen and wondering if she's somehow texting through a 70s time warp.

The Hypochondriac

She's the mom who's constantly worried that her baby is sick and turns to the group (with a little help from Google) for answers. You can reassure her over and over that all belly buttons have wrinkles, but she's not going to be satisfied until she hears it from the doctor and gets a second opinion.

The DIY Queen

Her photos of homemade baby food, hand-knitted sweaters and Pinterest-perfect birthday parties always make you feel like you're failing as a mom. You'd hate her, except that she's really nice and her chocolate chip cookie recipe is killer.

The Veteran

With a couple kids under her belt, this mom's been there, and can pass all of her wisdom onto you. She's more valuable than any parenting book on Amazon. If only you could meet IRL.