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Make Cleaning Easier
As a mom, you are so busy caring for your children takes top priority, so cleaning the house is probably not at the top of your list. However, you know how important it is to keep a clean home for your family. Here are some useful tips that could make cleaning easier:
Cut the clutter. Be diligent about stashing magazines and paperwork away—in baskets, or other containers—to keep surfaces and floors more accessible for cleaning.
Shoes off please! A lot of dirt in the home comes from people's feet. Encourage your family and guests to remove their shoes. Keep an assortment of slippers by the main entry. You'll be amazed at the difference.
Set a schedule. Having specific days in the week for your chores and following a schedule will help you keep a sparking clean and germ-free home.
Clean More, Faster
The Pledge® Multi Surface family of products (Trigger Spray, Wipes, Duster) can be used on wood, metal, glass, mirrors, electronics, plastic, porcelain—virtually any hard surface in your home. Pledge® Multi Surface products are a huge timesaver, since you no longer need to switch between products.
Pledge® Multi Surface
Spray & Wipes

Safely cleans & dusts wood,
glass and more in 1 easy step.
Conveniently cleans and dusts
wood, electronics, metal,
mirrors, glass, and more.
No need to switch products
—perfect for a quick and
easy clean of the whole room.
Safely removes dust, finger
prints, smudges, and smears.
Pledge Multi-Surface Duster
Dust faster with our new
fluffy all-around duster! 360°
fluffy all-around duster makes
dusting even easier! Picks up
allergens found in dust from
dust mites and pet dander.
Works great on blinds,
electronics, wood, metal and
Visit for additional product information.

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