You Won't Believe Why This Reality Star Got Mom Shamed

Audrey Roloff's followers were apparently not a fan of her baby's outfit.

Over the summer, Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff got trolled on social media after posting what we thought was a pretty cute bare bump selfie. Now the keyboard warriors are at it again, this time mom-shaming the reality star for dressing her sweet 5-week-old daughter Ember in an "Always More Milk" onesie and brown tights.

Pretty adorable, right? But some of Roloff's followers on Facebook didn't think so, and they couldn't wait to hit up the post's comment section to express their distaste.

"Don't like the outfit makes her look like a little old lady," wrote one.

"Creepy brown tights," added another.

"No on the stockings ewww," replied a third.

And from a fourth: "She must be cold in a onesie nothing on her sleeves. Get a sweater on her it's cold now."

Really guys? This is just so sad. When I look at the picture of Ember, all I see is a beautiful little girl. How sad must someone be in their own life to leave mean comments on a picture of a baby? Ignore the haters, Audrey, and just keep on giving your little one all the love.

And as for the haters, maybe heed the following piece advice left by one supportive commenter that you probably should have learned back in first grade. "If you don't have anything nice to say," she wrote. "Maybe don't say anything at all?"


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