By Melissa Bykofsky
February 27, 2015

We've all been asked for donations once or twice. Maybe it was when your cousin ran the marathon to raise money for cancer research or your friend volunteered for the Red Cross. But what if you were asked to help a regular family pay for the birthday party they want to throw their toddler—would you hand over a check?

Lately, these types of crowdsourcing campaigns, where parents create accounts on sites such as asking family, friends, and strangers to help cover the cost of a birthday party, summer camp, or family vacation they cannot completely afford on their own, are growing in popularity.

Just to be clear, these aren't the campaigns seeking to send a terminally ill child and his family on vacation or cover his medical expenses. These are fundraisers that are created by families strictly trying to keep up with the Joneses.

We want to know, Do you think it's OK to ask strangers for money to give your kid a luxury birthday party or send your family on vacation? Take our poll, and then share a comment below — it could appear in a future issue of Parents.

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Melissa Bykofsky is the associate articles editor at Parents who covers millennial trends and pop-culture. Follow her on Twitter @mbykofsky.

Image: Boy and piggy bank via Shutterstock


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