Didn't know December 18th was a national holiday? Well, you do now! Here's how to make the most of it.

Girl making gingerbread cookies with mom
Credit: FamVeld/Shutterstock

You probably think you're well versed in December holidays. You know the songs, you have the decorations, you've heard the origin stories a time or two. What you don't realize is, you've already missed out on some of the best days December has to offer. Can you believe Wear Brown Shoes Day and National Chocolate Covered Anything Day have already passed us by again? If you desire wearing brown shoes with a black belt or dipping bacon in chocolate under the guise of a holiday, you're forced to wait an entire year for December to roll around again.

It's tragically much too late to fix these mistakes, but thankfully, I've caught you in time to celebrate one day that really matters: Bake Cookies Day. While no one is quite clear on how exactly December 18th became the official Bake Cookies Day, the timing was just so perfect that we've readily accepted it as fact.

With exactly one week until Christmas, Bake Cookies Day comes at just the right time to accomplish your last-minute holiday necessities. You can bake any presents you forgot to shop for, stock up on sugar to ease holiday stress, and force a little festiveness on yourself and your family.

While I've personally always been happy to live without Christmas music, ditch caroling, and skip the newest holiday movie, I'm not completely without holiday spirit. My holiday spirit just happens to be focused on the important things, like cookies.

My love for baking cookies during the most wonderful time of year dates back to early childhood. While most Christmases were marked by the arrival of my favorite new possessions (anything from the American Girl Doll catalog), I also fondly remember being a dutiful kitchen helper and pressing my tiny thumbs into the dough of countless cookies. Making Christmas cookies was the perfect combination of creativity and mother-daughter bonding.

Now that you're aware of what you're supposed to be doing on December 18th, you simply can't pass it up. How could you say no to an activity that provides family bonding time and holiday treats? It's impossible, which means it's time to find your favorite recipes and break out the cookie cutters.

Margaret Fisher is an Editorial Intern at Parents magazine and a sometimes beauty blogger. Visit her blog beautyresurrection.com for more.