Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs

This weekend, actress and author Jenny Mollen tweeted a photo of her placenta after giving birth to Sidd, her son with her husband, actor Jason Biggs.

How does one tweet about their placenta, you ask? Here's Mollen's take: "Hope I'm not 'over sharing'(sic) but this placenta looks super hot and thin in the pic. #babybiggs" Well, that's one way to do it.

The first-time mom obviously knows she's most definitely oversharing; it's kind of her thing. Mollen is known to be rather candid when tweeting. There's nothing wrong with that, especially because it's the reason why more than 120,000 followers love her. But now that a baby is involved, Mollen needs to start thinking about the digital identity she's creating for Sidd -- one that will be searchable for the rest of his life.

Luckily for her, we've written about new parents and their digital TMI many times. The most recent story, "5 Things New Moms Should Never Post Online" is in the March 2014 issue of American Baby. I ask -- no, urge -- Mollen and everyone reading this post to read that article.

It's too bad the issue just started hitting mailboxes; I would've lobbied to add a sixth thing to the list. Can you guess what it is?

6. Post pictures of your placenta online.

Image of Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs courtesy of s_bukley /