No, this is not a drill. You'll want these awesome pajamas tonight.

Target is selling Lisa Frank pajamas. No, not for your kids. For you, moms!

The announcement that the '90s fav brand has landed at the mom mecca is sending Twitter into a frenzy.

The fab pjs come in sizes from XS to XL and will cost you only between $15 and $20. You can choose from a nightgown or a shorts and tee set to snuggle into at bedtime, without anyone accusing you of raiding your daughter's dresser.

lisa frank pajamas

But here's the bad news: Some Target stores have been temporarily out of stock of the coveted jammies, since the web caught wind of their arrival. The location near me was clearly raided by a bunch of Lisa Frank obsessed women who needed to sleep covered in dolphins and rainbows tonight. Not that I am judging them! Sounds like a party to me.

lisa frank pjs for women

Here's the worse news: You can't buy them online right now either. But hopefully Target will restock their inventory with more unicorn- and giant-lip patterned pajamas for grown women ASAP. Because clearly they are what we all need in our lives right now. No, like RIGHT NOW.

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lisa frank pjs

After all, couldn't the world use more rainbows and dreamscapes? I dare you to say no!

Will you be raiding Target soon to snag a pair (or five) of these colorful pajamas?

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