It's National Nanny Recognition Week (September 22-28), and, the largest online care destination for parents and nannies, has ranked the 15 most nanny-friendly cities in America. consulted various sources (news stories and nanny interviews) and compared specific criteria (finances, population, quality of life, and activities) to determine their list.

San Francisco ranked as the #1 best city to be a nanny because the pay rate is the highest (an average of $15.37/hour) and there are a lot of available opportunities. According to Stef Tousignant, a San Francisco nanny, "The families in San Francisco are the best to work for—they are open-minded, compassionate and hardworking themselves—which makes for awesome kids to take care of."

Check out the infographic below to find out where your city ranks! Do you think your city is one of the best places for nannies to work?

Top 15 cities to be a nanny