By Karen Cicero
June 11, 2015
The Real Photo Bomb: How To Manage All Of Your Pictures 35120

I have 2,507 pictures and 193 video clips on my iPhone. Tens of thousands more pics on Shutterfly. And a folder filled with "keepsake CDs" and even negatives (remember those?) from my daughter's baby years. The challenge: How to organize everything so when I try to find an image for something fun (like Throwback Thursday) or important (a photo collage for a family reunion), it doesn't become an hour-long ordeal. That's why I was excited to try Google's new free photo app, which is available for both Androids and iPhones.

It backs up your entire camera roll across all of your devices and has awesome sorting and searching features. Instead of just being able to sort by date, it will arrange your images by "people, places, and things" so that pic you took of your amazing dessert at a restaurant is not sandwiched between shots of preschool graduation and the first day at the pool. The search feature is epic: If I want to find a picture of my daughter with all the doggy friends we've visited, I'll simply type "dog" into the search. When I type "beach," gorgeous images of St. Pete, the Outer Banks, and Hawaii pop up. Typing "ice cream" yields more pics than I want to admit to!

For photos that aren't on my camera roll, it gets a little more complicated. I would have to export them out of Shutterfly (onto a USB, for instance) and then use the desktop uploader on to get them all in one place. That sounds like a project for a rainy summer weekend! In the meantime, I'm happy that I'm on the right track. How do you manage all of your pics?

Karen Cicero is a contributing nutrition and travel editor at Parents magazine. Follow her on Twitter @karencicero.