By Allison Berry
May 08, 2014
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There's a running joke in my family about my siblings giving our mom one of the worst Mother's Day presents of all time. When my older siblings were both under the age of 3, my well-meaning dad thought it would be great to give my mom gifts my brother and sister had picked out just for her. Good idea in theory, but not so much in practice seeing as the resulting presents were a 200-pack of neon straws and a potato peeler. To this day, my mom still rolls her eyes anytime someone tells this story.

As it turns out, by taking my siblings out of the house for the shopping trip, my dad actually gave my mom the most in-demand Mother's Day gift in the world: alone time. An informal poll of my mommy friends revealed what they're craving most is time away from their everyday responsibilities. One friend even confessed, "Sleep and an entire day of no whining would be perfect." To help give mom the time off she deserves, try one of these creative alternatives to classic Mother's Day gifts.

Netflix in bed. Breakfast in bed is a classic, lovely way to celebrate mom, but popcorn in bed and free-reign to binge watch a show that doesn't burst into song every other minute is the modern definition of bliss.

Ditch the bouquet. Take mom to the gardening store and let her pick a few of her favorite spring blooms, then spend the day planting them to create a beautiful garden for her while she's enjoying some peace and quiet inside.

Dinner for one. Instead of a family dinner, fix mom her favorite meal and vacate the house, letting her enjoy a nice meal without worrying about who's not eating their veggies or who's making the biggest mess.

Image: Young girl offering flowers to her mom via Shutterstock.