The Holidays with Tweens 33991

A couple of weeks ago, I pulled my daughter and her cousins aside for a little talk: "Do you guys still want to wear matching PJs for Christmas Eve?" I asked, reassuring them that it wouldn't hurt my feelings if they wanted to stop matching now because they were getting older (ages 8 to 11). I fully expected "Yeah, we're too old for that" with an accompanying eye roll. Instead, they looked a little disappointed that I was even asking. They told me that they still liked to match. And decorate the gingerbread houses. And help me make their favorite Christmas Eve appetizers—mini "pizzas" on bruschetta bread with a little sauce and cheese cut out in the shape of tree or snowman. So it seems that tradition trumps tweendom.

I should have realized that by now. My daughter, 11, is well into the tween stage. There's nothing predictable about her except maybe being unpredictable. One minute she's watching the Hunger Games. The next, she's glued to a Sophia the First special that features Ariel. For Christmas, she asked for Barbies and clothes from Hot Topic (Have you ever been in there? It's the only store that's actually made me grateful for Justice.)

Starting tomorrow, she's going to be off from school for the next 12 days so I'm going to face her multiple personalities 24-7. I'll surely be referring to this piece in the latest issue of Parents to help me deal. But I'm also going to be relishing my daughter and her cousins frosting their gingerbread houses and putting on a play in their new peppermint PJs because who knows if they'll want to do it again next year.