Strangers Touching Your Baby Bump? Not In Pennsylvania!

Ah, pregnancy. A time of wonder. A time of excitement. A time of creepy strangers thinking it's fully acceptable to put their paws all over your stomach.

I've never understood why it seems that the moment a woman becomes visibly pregnant, her body ceases to be her own anymore. It's suddenly public property, and everyone from the checker at the supermarket to the local school principal not only has an opinion on what she's eating, how much she's resting, and how the baby should be born—they also feel they have the right to feel the new mama up.

If you've ever fantasized about pushing away a particularly handsy well-wisher and yelling, "Get your hands off of me!," you'll be excited to hear about new legislation out of Pennsylvania. The state has made it a criminal offense to touch a pregnant woman's bump without her permission. That's right, it's illegal for randoms to man-handle your bump.

Some people are defending the Preggo Petters, saying they don't mean any harm, and that they're just excited about a new baby coming into the world. But um, since when has "just being excited," been an excuse for unwanted touching? Not. Okay.

I don't think this law will be all that easy to enforce (I mean, unless you carry handcuffs around with you and do a citizen's arrest until the cops can arrive on the scene!) but I'm hoping it'll act as a sort of public awareness campaign—knocking some common sense into some very clueless people.

Did random strangers rub your baby bump? How did you react? Tell us in the comments.

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Image of angry pregnant woman via Shutterstock.

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