By Hannah Werthan
January 12, 2015
mother and daughter looking at clothes

When Bethenny Frankel decided to wear her 4-year-old daughter Bryn's pajamas, I thought that it was straight up creepy. I don't think middle-aged women should be wearing tiny Hello Kitty pajamas under any circumstances. I can't look at that picture without feeling uncomfortable. Was Bethenny trying to prove that she's the same size as a preschooler? Should we be worried? The former reality star fired back at haters through her Twitter account, saying it was a joke and she did it to make her daughter laugh. Either way, I'm not laughing.

Frankel is not the only one to wear her young daughter's clothing. Nicole Richie stepped out in 6-year-old daughter Harlow's shag coat last month and put up a picture on Instagram. Though it is a little strange, I feel better about this wardrobe steal. Perhaps because it is an oversized children's coat that looks normal on her petite frame. I would have never known this was a girl's jacket if Richie hadn't captioned her photo "Thanks for letting me borrow your jacket Harlow." Fans seem to approve of this look, too -- saying things like "so spot on" and "cute <3" -- whereas Frankel's look received a lot of hate.

nicole richie 35004

I think the lesson learned here is that you should only wear your daughter's clothing if it doesn't look like you are wearing your daughter's clothing. It should be age-appropriate and fit well with your existing wardrobe. Let's go ahead and say kids' Hello Kitty pajamas will always be a fashion don't. Am I right?

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Mother and daughter image via Shutterstock. Image of Nicole Richie via her Instagram