By Joe DeProspero
November 26, 2014
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New Superheroes That Gain Powers From...Vegetables? 34965

Speaking for myself (and likely 99% of the parents reading), getting children to willingly eat vegetables without bribery, blackmail, or an embarrassing combination of the two is a challenge, to say the least. It often feels like I'm trying to set one of my single friends up on a date. And the second they lay eyes on each other, there's a palpable feeling of, "You're single for a reason." But the truly gifted salespeople are the ones who can get that friend (or kid) to move past that initial phase of reluctance, to take the plunge, set aside preconceived notions and just go for it. The gifted ones are able to convince children that vegetables are somehow "cool" and establish them as something children should clamor for! You're one of those truly gifted salespeople, right? Yes, me neither. So let's hear about someone who's trying a different approach...

Through colorful characters Colby Carrot, Erica Eggplant, and Brian Broccoli, Super Sprowtz is an up-and-coming children's multimedia program with one mission: get kids to associate veggies with superpowers. And to teach children at a young age that there's more to life than chicken fingers and gummy snacks. Think "Muppets" meets "Popeye." I don't know about you, but seeing Popeye guzzle that can of spinach was the one and only reason I had interest in greens as a kid.

Premiering tomorrow (Thanksgiving) via YouTube at 12 pm ET on the biggest eating day of the year in America, the Sprowtz have already confirmed celebrity guests Shaquille O'Neal, New York Yankee CC Sabathia, and White House chef Sam Kass. The show will include singing, cooking, and, if the reel I saw was any indication, even some beat-boxing.

They've also received the support of a very special (first) lady you might recognize, who stopped by during s recent tour...

To see what Colby Carrot and crew have in store, check out their intro video below about their purpose and mission statement of these super-powered Sprowtz. It involves walking vegetables, so be warned.

Clearly, we all want our children to ultimately live healthy lifestyles, and that starts with the food they put into their bodies. And although there are no certainties with kids (mine change their minds 25 times a minute), one thing we know is that, children are more likely to listen if a superhero is doing the talking. Here's hoping the next orange stick our children put in their mouths is a carrot instead of a Cheese Doodle. I know it's something I'd love to see for my own sons.

Tune in tomorrow at 12 pm ET to Super Sprowtz RAW! The Super Sprowtz will air a new episode every Thursday starting Thanksgiving.

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