One of my fellow-mom friends posted a picture on Facebook yesterday that made me LOL (for real). Picture this:

Moms Rejoice: The Kids Are Back in School! 33859

Five mothers, enormous grins on their faces, jumping mid-air, hands stretched to the sky. With this caption:

The kids are back in school!!!

I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a sudden urge to go airborne when my kids return to their previously scheduled lives. The bazillion likes and comments that followed the post included gems like this one, from a mom whose kids aren't back just yet:

"I'm jealous I'm not in this pic!"

And this one:

"Only thing missing is the wine bottle!"

I don't know about you, but I'm done with summer. So are many of my other friends, and I imagine so is the working mom I saw on my commute this morning with a not-so-happy preschooler in tow. (Like summer, camp's over, too.) The only parents on my friends list lamenting summer's end are teachers.

Okay, I get that.

But I'm sorry: I can't apply sunscreen to one more wrinkled nose. I can't take one more fight in the house between bored siblings. Even the kids seem over summer. I asked them if they wanted to hit the community pool one last time. Their reply? "Nah."

Now is mom's moment: when you make all those new school-year resolutions. Going to finally make those photo books. Try out those recipes. Exercise. Blog. Do amazing things at work. Do a happy dance on the table. The kids are back in school!!!

Inspired by my friend's post, I say we moms start a campaign to add a new shot to all of those cute first-day-of-school pictures that are popping up in our feeds. Let's capture moms in their various displays of euphoria after the kids have entered the building. Now wouldn't that be one for the photo book? (Preschool moms who are seeing your little ones off to school for the first time: You get a pass. And tissues.)

Let's enjoy this moment of freedom while it lasts, before the next chapter of the busy school year inevitably begins.