Cocktail glass

We've all seen the "it's wine 'o' clock" Facebook status updates from our fellow moms (heck, maybe you've even made a few of your own). But it's no joke—being a mom is hard work! And while we wouldn't trade it for the world, there are times where every mama finds herself wistfully dreaming of just a few, uninterrupted moments to unwind. For some, that means kicking back with a big glass of vino. Of course, having a drink in your down time is perfectly fine (as long as you don't plan on breastfeeding within the next few hours), but nowadays, it's become a cool mom badge of honor to make drinking jokes and brag about martini play dates and bedtime happy hours. We want to know, Do you think moms make too many "mama likes to drink" jokes? Take our poll. Then, share your opinion in the comments below for a chance to be quoted in an upcoming issue.

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Image: Cocktail glass via Shutterstock