It didn't take a super power to make 7-year-old Hannah Gorsegner a hero. Her selfless act of shaving her head to donate to Wigs for Kids was enough to earn her the title.

Hannah was always supportive of her younger sister, Natalie, 5, throughout her battle with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), the most common type of childhood cancer. Natalie is now in remission from ALL, but as a caring big sister, Hannah decided to show her continued support in a huge way.

She and her family visited the New York Stock Exchange last Wednesday for the Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation event, Shave 4 A Cure, and Hannah donated every single hair on her head for the cause.

Andrea, Hannah's proud mom, admitted to The Today Show that when Hannah first approached her with the idea, she was hesitant. It can be hard for kids to understand what a wonderful thing Hannah was doing, and Andrea didn't want Hannah to be the subject of teasing.

But Hannah was resilient, and kept telling her parents how she didn't care what anyone else said or thought. With their support, Hannah went through with her decision to donate her hair.

"For Hannah in particular, I think this was a life altering experience for her," Andrea told Parents. "Every part of her body felt as though she needed to do this to help other kids and to inspire others to help, too."

In front of a crowd filled of 600, Andrea said Hannah smiled through the entire shave. Natalie even helped shave some of her sister's hair off, and inspired nine other men on the exchange floor to shave their heads as well.

Andrea says she and her husband, Dan, could not feel any prouder of both of their daughters, and that Hannah's decision is just a testament to her character.

"We always say that Hannah's heart is bigger then her body, always has been, and I'd bet anything that it always will be," says Andrea.

When Hannah went to school the next day, accompanied by four businessmen from Merrill Lynch who had shaved their heads with her the night before, her classmates hugged her and showed their support.

As far as what other people can take away from Hannah's tremendous act, Andrea says people should be inspired to get involved.

"Don't just feel the warm fuzzies in the moment of reading this or any blog like it—do something to help our childhood cancer community," says Andrea. "You are one person, yes, but look what my one special, amazing child has done. She is lifting up and inspiring thousands of people. If a 7-year-old can do this with one brave decision, then what is your excuse not to help?"

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