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Know Any Kids Who Wear Glasses? 33958

I do: My 5-year-old, Lila, for one. That's her in the photo. She's had glasses since she was 2 1/2; I've blogged before about how surprised I was when I learned she needed them, as well as what it was like for her to wear a patch. I'll never forget how helpful the Parents online community was when I asked all of you for advice on the best kind of glasses for very young children, as well as how the heck to get a toddler to keep a patch on for hours at a time. Among the people who responded was Ann Zawistoski, the founder of the enormously useful site Little Four Eyes and mom of Zoe, a little girl who started wearing glasses when she was just a year old. Spending time on Ann's "When you've just found out your young child needs glasses" page basically answered all of my questions in one fell swoop.

Right away, friends and relatives looked for books in which the main character wears glasses. My dear friend Jean was the first to send Lila Magenta Gets Glasses (which only seems to be available as an e-book now); my mom found I Wish I Had Glasses Like Rosa. What was much harder to find were books about really young kids or even babies who wear glasses. In fact, none of us ever did.

Ann Zawistoski is about to change that, with her first book, Glasses! It's a board book with rhyming text and featuring babies and toddlers wearing glasses. Such a simple concept, but it's novel. She's asking for backing via Kickstarter; if you donate even $5 you'll receive a gift in return for your contribution. I gave $20, which will get a copy of the book to the preschool, childcare provider, or library of my choice. I love knowing that sometime next spring, a child in my town who wears glasses, no matter how young she is, can go to our public library and find a book filled with photos of adorable children who look just like her. But the project will only be funded if Ann meets her $6,000 goal, and she's still roughly $1,700 short. If you know a little one who wears glasses, maybe you'd consider contributing, too? The Kickstarter campaign ends on November 26, so please act fast!