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"Help! I'm Pregnant and My Husband Thinks It's Weird to Have Sex With Me"

"Help! I'm Pregnant and My Husband Thinks It's Weird to Have Sex With Me" 34732
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Q: I'm 5 months pregnant and my husband won't have sex with me. He says it's weird for him and he feels uncomfortable because of the baby, but once in a while would be nice and would help me feel better about myself. Is this normal? —Abandoned on My Side of the Bed

Dear Abandoned,Sexually confused husbands are one of the unfortunate but common side effects of pregnancy, like acid reflux or peeing every time you sneeze. Your husband is having trouble separating your body from the baby growing inside it, which makes viewing you as a sex object feel..."‰wrong.

But forget him for a second. Whether you're getting action doesn't have to dictate how you feel about yourself. As a dad friend of mine says, growing a baby is a superpower. Reveling in that will up your confidence and sexy aura, as will wearing slinky fabrics that glide over your skin, splurging on bath products that smell delectable, and indulging in shamelessly romantic books and movies. Your husband may remain an admiring bystander as you explore and enjoy your pregnant sexuality, or he may quickly get over all that reverential crap and realize what he's missing out on.

P.S. Don't settle for a flesh-tone, elastic sack of a maternity bra! Step it up with flattering cuts, sexy lace, and lovely colors.

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