By Alexandra Pastore

I am the oldest of five siblings, (3 sisters and 2 brothers). Being the oldest means I got to move out first, go to college, and then move right to New York City. But I have always maintained a great relationship with my siblings. Even long distance my sister and I talk almost every day. Because no matter how many times she sneaks my little gold necklace out of the jewelry box I left at home, she's still my little sister.

For many of us, siblings represent a wonderful, lifelong friendship. For anyone who doesn't know, April 10th is National Sibling Day (now officially recognized by 49 states, excluding California). And, as you may have seen on your twitter feed, it's gaining some major star power. This morning, twitter was filled with sibling love and has seen #NationalSiblingDay become its top trending tag. If you haven't told your sister how much you really appreciate her, or thanked your brother for always being there, now is the time to do so. Pick up the phone! Shoot him a text! And since today also happens to be #FlashBackFriday, why not get nostalgic and post that picture of you guys playing the backyard from so many years ago!

The Sibling Day Foundation was founded to promote April 10th as a celebration of brothers and sisters. Its goal is to gain the same notoriety for National Sibling day that is held by Mother's Day and Father's Day and to recognize how important siblings are to all of us. The foundation hopes that through National Sibling day it can encourage us all to realize how lucky we our to have siblings and thank them for being our closest friends and provide anchor for one another.

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National Sibling day is about celebrating these relationships and reminding everyone not to take them for granted. Find a way to show your sibling some love today. Even if you aren't close to your brother or sister, telling them you care can make her day.

Alexandra Pastore is the editorial intern at Parents.




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