Breastfeeding Mom

During a press breakfast for Evenflo, I was reminded of how critical breastfeeding education is to new moms. Shari Criso, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, emphasized that many new moms don't succeed in breastfeeding because they don't have the proper education to help them succeed during those first few days and weeks of their baby's life.

Here are three practical tips from Criso to help you successfully breastfeed:

1. Read-up and seek instruction before your baby is born. You can easily do this by purchasing or renting books on the topic, browsing our breastfeeding articles, finding a class near you from an organization such as Le Leche League International, and watching instructional videos online.

2.The next step should also happen before your baby's arrival: Purchase what you will need to make breastfeeding more comfortable and easy. If you'll be using a pump, read the instruction manual and test it in advance so you're not scrambling to figure out how it works while exhausted and dealing with all the other challenges of having a newborn.

3.Finally, surround yourself with support. Involve your partner in your breastfeeding education. He'll be better able to help you if he has as much breastfeeding information as you do. Also, seek support and advice from friends and other breastfeeding moms. Their tips and tricks might be just want you need.

Although breastfeeding education is essential for nursing success, not all moms have access to the proper materials. For this reason, Evenflo is giving moms two digital  instructional programs by Criso in their new, affordable Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump ($99.99-$159.99, on sale August 15 at Baby Depot). And in January 2014, Evenflo will include the DVDs with every breast pump it sells.

Image of cute mother breastfeeding her baby via Shutterstock