When I was a kid I had the thickest hair. It was so thick that hair stylists and even strangers (always grownups) would comment on it. I never understood their fascination. Until now. My hair has steadily gotten thinner over the years. Pretty sure it began with college stress and having kids just made it worse. After my kids were born, my hair started to fall out -- not in clumps or anything, but enough to notice every day in the shower. (Yes, I went to the doc, and no, I don't have any medical probs like thyroid disease.) And here I am: with thin hair that I can't manage to add body to no matter how many thickening shampoos, conditioners and products that Parents' beauty editor passes along to me. I saw a woman the other day who when she bent over her entire top of her head was bald. I thought, That's going to be me! So I decided to do something drastic. I am going no 'poo!

Crazy Challenge: I Stopped Using Shampoo 33827

Never heard of no poo?  It's a growing movement to ditch shampoo – the claim is that all the chemicals in 'poo strip your scalp of the essential oils to keep your hair healthy. Think of it as a hair cleanse. My husband actually went no poo about two years ago – and his hair looks great. I tried it then too, but I only made it about four days sans shampoo. I couldn't take the grease! I figured men are different and their hair is too and moved on.

Then a good friend of mine (who also has 2 kids and thinning hair) went no poo. She's three months in now and her hair is amazing! I've never seen such great hair on her and I've known her for more than a decade! I decided to try again. This time, I developed a strategy – based on my friend's advice and reading up on some blogs.  I've so far been no-poo for a week!

Here's what I've done so far:

On Day 2 I mixed one tblsp baking soda with 1 cup of water and used it just as I would shampoo.  Because I just dyed my hair (I know, I know. Chemicals. But I can't be gray and have thinning hair!) I used a bit of the "post-dye" conditioner that came in the DIY dye box.

On Day 4 I did the same as Day 2. I also stopped using all my other hair products. And you know what? My hair looks great.

On Day 6: Ditto. It's not full or thick but it looks shiny and healthy. It's a bit greasy but not unmanageable. Yet. I hear I'm in the honeymoon phase. ... More to come!

Have you gone 'no poo? Have any advice? Please share!