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Can Your Kid Match This 4-Year-Old's Style?

Mini Style Hacker - Family
There are a few ways I could describe the clothing style of my two boys, ages 7 and 2 1/2. "Stained school uniform" would be one. "Hand-me-down chic" would be another. But "budding fashionista"? As cute as my kids are, that particular phrase applies only on rare occasions (like when I can convince my older son to wear something other than the track pants and sports team T-shirts he loves).

That's one reason why I (and to judge by the recent media response, pretty much everyone else in the country) am just a little bit smitten with Mini Style Hacker. The blog was started by Collette Wixom (a fellow mom of two boys) and stars her 4-year-old son, Ryker, mimicking the stylish looks of celebrities and models in clothing ads.

It'd be easy, at first glance, to brush this off as the pet project of a mom with too much time and money on her hands, but Collette's "hack" of these pictures is that she mostly uses regular clothing items from stores like H&M and Old Navy, not high-priced designer duds. "I am a regular working mother that has a mortgage, car payments, college funds to finance etc," she writes on the blog. "My husband and I are in no way 10%ers." So splurgey items (like an $89 pair of Venettini boat shoes and Rayban sunglasses) are mixed with shirts from Old Navy and Target. It's an adorable high-low mix that might just inspire me to spend a little more time coordinating my kids' clothes!

Mini Style Hacker Ryker

Like most moms, Collette admits that she has to work a little to get those adorable smiles and poses when taking pictures of her son. "I am able to get him to 'pose' by making it fun for him. We use our imaginations a ton and have a great time while doing so."

Mini Style Hacker Ryker Model

In real life, Ryker isn't a model. But given the fact that he has more than 88,000 (and counting!) followers on Instagram and, let's face it, is super-photogenic, that may change in the near future!