Blogger Tova Leigh shared her uber-honest thoughts in an Instagram post that has resonated with parents everywhere. We've all been there.

A mom's post about how motherhood can suck has gone viral because, well, we all get it. Blogger Tova Leigh, who has a 6-year-old and 4-year-old twins, shared her uber-honest thoughts in an Instagram post that has clearly resonated with parents everywhere.

"This morning, as I sat down to drink my tea (after preparing breakfast for everyone), I listened to my three beautiful girls bicker over whatever it is that kids can go on and on about and I felt the tears coming. I am just so tired," Leigh writes as a caption to a #nofilter selfie.

"Tired of trying, tired of falling, tired of the guilt, tired of the fighting and tired of being someone's something. I just want to be me for 5 minutes, alone in my bed under the covers and not hear the moaning and complaining and the word 'MOMMY' every two seconds," the mom of three girls continues.

Leigh goes on to vent about how no one tells you there will be moments you want bash your face against the wall because motherhood is so hard. Then, she confesses, "I just had to leave the kitchen before I burst into tears. So I'm sitting on the toilet now with the door shut feeling sorry for myself, trying not to cry."

I think all parents can relate to knowing, logically, that with kids, everything is just a phase, as Leigh says in her powerful post. She adds, "I know tomorrow will be better." Emotionally, however, you just want to eat chocolate and throw yourself a pity party. We feel you, Tova!

Leigh ends her post with this: "Boy does this motherhood business suck sometimes. I mean, it's the most AMAZING thing ever, and I wouldn't trade it for the world, but it f-ing sucks sometimes."

Many commenters quickly chimed in that they could 100 percent relate to Leigh's post. But I want to introduce another viewpoint. While I agree that this motherhood thing is no joke (right now my 4-year-old is crying and my older two kids are fighting over, um, I have no clue), what really, truly sucks is the alternative. Like if your kids aren't healthy, and they can't fight or cry. Like if you lose one of them, as I recently did. So, while I don't begrudge any parent for complaining about how hard life with kids can be, and I mostly certainly do this too, I'd rather be overwhelmed and annoyed by my kids needing stuff from me than not have them.

Leigh told, "I was very surprised by the reaction. I didn't expect so many people to relate I wrote the post while hiding in the bathroom and feeling really s***** if I'm totally honest." It's that honesty that makes her post so relatable.

She continued, "As much as we all love our children and having them is the most amazing thing in the world. There really are quite a few moments that totally suck and you don't really hear about those moments very often. I think people are afraid sometimes to admit this because they fear they might be judged by other people or perhaps that people will think that they are not grateful for what they have. I myself feel very blessed to have three healthy children after struggling to get pregnant for the first time and after nearly dying from preeclampsia with my twins."

So, it seems we all need to respect both sides of the parenthood experience: the side that knows it's far-from-easy, and the side that is just so happy to have it. What is your take?

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