Blogger Gets Real About What It Actually Takes to Be a 'Good Mom'

Spolier Alert: You. You are a good mom!

We've all had those moments when we've wondered whether or not we were doing a good job at this thing called motherhood. Now Australian blogger Laura Mazza is here to help us out with an answer. Known for being especially candid—whether she's dishing about her postpartum bod, her post-kid sex life or the fact that she recently let one rip during yoga class—the mom of two is currently is being applauded for a Facebook post in which she lets all of us mamas know that yes, we are enough.

"Today beat the s--t out of me, so I fed my son nuggets," she wrote. "Am I bad mum? No way. My best friend co-sleeps with her babes, does that mean they'll be sleeping with her forever until college and she's a bad mum? No. Some parents put their kids in their own rooms, does that mean they're unloved? No. Another parent from my play group only fed her kids organic and wheat free food. And another gave her kiddiewinks pouches... now they're both eating dirt. Are both of these mums awesome? Yep!"

Right on, mama! Raising kids is no easy task, and I'm a big believer in doing whatever you need to do to make it successfully through to the next day—even if that means feeding your kids forumla, saying the f-word, or serving your kids supermarket cake for breakfast, all of which I've been known to do on occasion. Because according to Mazza, these aren't the things that really count.

"Your life is all about your kids, every waking moment is about them and the worry just proves how amazing you are," she wrote. "Don’t worry about social media, what the next door neighbor is doing, what you think should be doing because you are enough. You are enough, and maybe you can join me in telling another parent today, that they are enough too.”

Mazza goes onto explain: "I know some people judge for those stupid things like they really matter, but they don't. I know you beat yourself up about the things you do. But you shouldn't, because we are all different and nailing it... you are, you're nailing it. So forget the guilt, and concentrate on the love."

Such an important reminder! Pass it along to another mom who you think may need it.

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