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When I was a kid, any time I was out in public with my parents I would have to call them by their first names. This was because there were so many other children around yelling "mom" and "dad" across the grocery store that I was competing for attention. It seemed like every time I said "mom," my own mother wouldn't look up, but four other women around me would turn in my direction.

These days, according to The Wall Street Journal, kids are calling their parents by their first names even in the privacy of their own homes. Long gone are the days of calling friends' parents Mr. and Mrs., as well. Some parents feel that being on a first name basis is a sign of friendship between parent and child, yet others think it's disrespectful. We want to know, Would you allow your child to call you by your first name? Take our poll, and then share a comment below — it could appear in a future issue of Parents.

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