A Life-Saving Lesson During CPR Awareness Week

When I was in sixth grade, I learned CPR in health class as part of our "babysitter training unit." I've haven't really thought much about it. I've never had to give anyone CPR, but the fact is, if I needed to, I could.

This week is the American Heart Association's (AHA) CPR Awareness Week. According to AHA, 70 percent of Americans might feel helpless to act in an emergency situation either because they don't know CPR or their training has lapsed. But CPR saves lives. In fact, Chloe Singh saved her sister Grace's life using Hands-Only CPR when Grace, then 8, had a febrile seizure while alone in the bathtub and nearly drowned.

It's a life-saving skill worth learning, but if you can't enroll in a course right away there IS something you can learn now. In Hands-Only CPR, the chest compressions need to be performed at a certain speed to be effective, namely 100 beats per minute. Coincidentally, the song "Stayin' Alive" is the exact right speed to keep time to during chest compressions in order to help a person in need. With the a capella trend in full swing, AHA asked Street Corner Symphony to record the song so families everywhere can sing along while learning about Hands-Only CPR.

Check out the instructional video below and stay safe!

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