A Helping Hand for Military Families This Winter 34984

When Jack Frost rolls into town and unleashes a winter storm, it's a hassle to add shoveling to your daily routine. But for military families and wounded or disabled veterans, coping with the aftermath of heavy snowfall can be even more difficult.

Project EverGreen, an organization that works to maintain outdoor community areas, created a solution to this problem. With their SnowCare for Troops initiative, they provide snow and ice removal services for families of currently deployed service members, as well as veterans who have been injured or disabled. This is the fifth season that Project EverGreen is offering this service, which has more than 3,700 families enrolled and connections to over 1,300 contractors.

By signing up for the SnowCare for Troops program, eligible applicants receive 9-12 months of assistance with their snow removal chores, including like clearing their driveways and sidewalks, for free. Project EverGreen and their program partner BOSS Snowplow believe that providing this service is beneficial to the wellbeing of military families.

"A well-maintained yard provides kids a safe place to play, stressed moms a natural environment to unwind and a connection to neighbors to create a community environment where families look out for one another," says Cindy Code, executive director for Project EverGreen. "Maintained yards prevent vandalism and crime, helps kids become confident in their surroundings and peer interactions, and maintain the value of real estate."

In addition to their SnowCare for Troops service, Project EverGreen works throughout the year to care for the homes of military families with their GreenCare for Troops program, providing general landscaping services.

For more information on SnowCare for Troops, or to complete an application for your family, visit their website.

Image courtesy of Project EverGreen