5 Things I'm Looking Forward to as a First-Time Aunt

My sister is due with her first baby, a boy, any day now and I'm excited to step out of my role as the baby of the family and into my new job as #1 Aunt.
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I've always been the baby of my family. On both sides, including cousins, I was always the youngest.

This definitely had its down sides: I wore a lot of hand-me-downs, always sat at the kids' table, and am still expected to ask the four questions at my family's Passover Seder.

Yet I don't remember ever asking my parents for a little brother or sister. My only sister is three-and-a-half years older than me and has always been more than enough to handle. And I secretly love being the baby of the family.

But everything is about to change—my sister is due with her first baby, a boy, any day now (!) and I couldn't be happier. I'm excited to step out of my role as the baby of the family and into my new job as #1 (best, and yes, only) Aunt. I've learned a bit about what to expect as an Aunt from my friends and coworkers who have taken on the role before me, and I've thought long and hard about what I'm most looking forward to, besides writing every future post here about him, of course:

1. All the fun, and none of the diapers.

One perk of being the family baby is that I never had to learn how to change a diaper. As an Aunt, I technically don't have to. Though, knowing my sister, it will be the price I have to pay to get to hold him.

2. Shopping for baby clothes.

Honestly, these Mr. Men, Little Miss + babyGap one-pieces, these Freshly Picked moccasins, and eventually these Lauren Moshi outfits are all amazing. Yes, this is going to be the trendiest kid in town.

3. Re-living my childhood.

I'm definitely a big kid at heart and will finally have a buddy to color with, see all the new Disney movies with, and play Legos, Matchbox cars, or even Barbies with (if he's into them, cause I never was).

4. Reading awesome kid's books.

It may just be that I work at Parents, but I read The Day the Crayon's Quit and loved it. Did you know there's a sequel out now too? Of course you did! I can't wait to sit and read all of these great bedtime stories to him, without having to be there when he wakes up 500 times in the night for a bottle, pacifier, or diaper change.

5. Always being on his side.

I'm already compiling a ton of embarrassing stories about my sister as a little kid to share when needed. Like if he gets put in time out for drawing on the walls, I can remind my sister that her name is still all over the walls of my parent's garage in permanent marker. Watch out sis, I got his back!


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