Kids have a much higher risk of injury this time of year, but you can teach them to look out for themselves with these tips from the Shriners Hospitals for Children campaign.

Kids summer safety
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As far as I'm concerned, Memorial Day weekend is when summer really begins. The weather is finally nice and everyone is relaxing and spending way more time outside. It's just the best time of year.

You should be aware, however, that kids actually have a much higher risk of injury during this season. In fact, summer is often referred to as "trauma season" by many medical professionals, because children are spending way more time on playgrounds, boats, bikes, and other outdoor activities. That makes them more likely to get hurt than if they were just sitting inside. (I know, sorry to be such a buzzkill!)

But don't worry—your little one can still have plenty of fun this summer. Shriners Hospitals for Children has launched their Superheroes of Summer Safety campaign, which offers tons of tips for being smart while your family is out having fun. The goal is to get your kid involved, too, so that she will learn to take care of herself from a young age.

Here are five simple rules you can start teaching your child right now:

  • Wear a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen when you go outside.
  • Only go swimming when there's an adult there to watch, and make sure you have a life jacket on whenever you're on open water.
  • Stay inside when an adult is mowing the lawn. (There are an average of 35,000 lawn mower injuries that are serious enough to require an ER visit each year!)
  • Stay far away from campfires and fire pits.
  • Always ride down a slide feet first and one at a time.

Chrisanne Grise is an assistant editor at Parents magazine.