The 2019 Women's World Cup win can teach your kids some valuable lessons.

By Ruthie Fierberg, Anna Halkidis
Updated July 02, 2019

In case you haven't heard, the United States women's soccer team beat the Netherlands (2-0) on Sunday, July 7, marking the team's fourth Women’s World Cup win.

The ratings of this year's Women's World Cup hit record numbers. In fact, more than 14 million people watched the final game in the U.S., drawing in 22 percent more viewers than the Men’s World Cup final match in 2018. And people can't stop talking about the win (or that adorable photo player Jessica McDonald shared on Instagram with her son captioned, "We did it, bud!!!"). Go ladies!

But truth is, not everyone thinks a women's soccer match is worth tuning into. It's hard to forget the words of Andy Benoit—a contributor at Sports Illustratedwho in 2015 said women's soccer and "women's sports in general [are] not worth watching." Shortly after, Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers took down Benoit for his comments in a revival of their former SNL segment "Really!?! With Seth and Amy" on Late Night with Seth Meyers. The duo offered some valid reasons why women's soccer is, of course, just as important as men's soccer.

So aside from the fact the game was undoubtedly entertaining, here are four reasons why another Women's World Cup is a big deal for your little ones.

1. Models behavior. According to Forbes, soccer is the second most popular youth sport in America. (Basketball is the first.) If your child is one of the 25 million kids lacing up her cleats each week, take advantage of this opportunity to inspire her. Even if your kid isn't on a team, seeing the strides of these elite female players shows her the value of sticking with the sport and setting GOOAAAAALLLLLS!

2. Emphasizes pride. There's something unique about these international athletic showdowns. I'm not an unpatriotic person, but I'm also not waving my American flag from the window each day. Yet, when the Olympics or the World Cup roll around, it's amazing to see the fight, determination, and talent in the athletes battling for our country to take home the title. Our teams are representations of our values. As is the American Dream, we believe in hard work, dedication, and following your passion. It's easy to notice that from these talented women.

3. Teaches them teamwork. Nothing great in life is accomplished alone. They say "it takes a village to raise a child." When we tune in to awards shows, winners rush to spit out the names of everyone who helped them earn that statue. And with this intense match, your kids witnessed collaboration in action.

4. Inspires your daughter. Sadly, there are other people who share Benoit's sentiments: That, somehow, women's sports are less worthy, entertaining, or competitive than men's. This win shows your daughter (and your son) that women are worth watching. The women of this World Cup team were strong, fit, and at the top of their game. Enough said!

This story was originally published in 2015.



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