We got an exclusive first look at Playskool's Tickle Me Elmo, coming out this fall.
2017 Elmo
Credit: Hasbro

In the week leading into Toy Fair, the toy industry's annual trade show unveiling the hot playthings for the next holiday season, Parents traditionally snags the first look at Elmo. This year was no different! Elmo was smuggled into our office in a shopping bag, then came out to play.

The 2017 version is Tickle Me Elmo. If this gives you flashbacks, it's because yes, that was the very same name used back in your childhood, when the first interactive Elmo made his 1996 debut. Twenty years have passed, and though recent Elmos have played games, told kids to brush their teeth, and snored, the bottom line is, what makes Elmo fun is that he finds everything so funny.

When you tickle this new Elmo, on his tummy or his feet, he giggles, then laughs harder, then laughs so hard he shakes all over and can barely catch his breath. So simple, and trust me, it's impossible to not laugh along with him! Thanks to every-improving technology inside and out, the new Elmo is both lighter and softer than ever, and makes zero mechanical sounds (unlike those old ones!). He's smaller than in some previous years, and just perfect for a toddler to hug. Tickle Me Elmo, when on store shelves this fall, will also be a very affordable $30, recommended for kids ages 18 months to 4 years old.

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