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In March, blogger Joe DeProspero shared his thoughts on things kids can get away with that adults never could, like refusing to change out of their PJs, for example. The story made me realize that I'm actually jealous that I can't just go to work in my jammies when I feel like it (or refuse to go, period). In fact, I often find myself looking at pictures of my adorable three-year-old niece, Averie, on Facebook with envy. She's got the entire world eating out of the palm of her hand and she doesn't even know it.

1. She doesn't know what her Christmas presents are.

As a three-years-old, opening presents is so exciting! Christmas comes and you can't wait to see what Santa brings you. And the best part, Christmas morning is always a surprise. The toys she wants may be under the tree, but a three-year-old doesn't expect them to be there. As I've gotten older, everybody texts me at the beginning of December, "Hey. What do you want?" Where's the fun in that? Now don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly appreciative that anybody would buy me a present. I just wish there wasn't so much pressure for me to pick out my own gifts.

2. She doesn't have to pay for anything.

Ah, to not have any financial responsibility. That's the dream! Averie knows what money is, and she knows mom and dad are in charge of it, but that's where her money issues end. Wouldn't it be nice if we had somebody else pay our bills, even just for a day?

3. Everything is still magical to her.

Seeing a magic trick or special effects in a movie are not the same when you are old enough to understand that there is a logical explanation as to what just happened, even if you don't know exactly how it was done. A three-year-old doesn't think like that yet. To her, there is still magic in this universe and that's a feeling my grumpy-old self wishes I still felt. When I was a tyke, I wanted to be Doctor Dolittle. I just knew I could understand animals. Well, that didn't work out for me. For Averie, though, there are no limits to her dreams. Little ones still believe they can fly, run as fast as lightning, or, like me, talk to animals. It's a sad day when you realize that's not the case.

4. She can be whatever she wants.

Right now, Averie can aspire to any career. She can be an astronaut, teacher, president, or an actress. She can do it all at the same time if she feels like it. As she gets older, her dreams and goals will start to change and slowly become more "realistic" on their own. We adults suffer from this condition known as logic. I've heard there is no cure.

5. Her mom is always there to take care of her when she's sick.

I'm a 27-year-old adult living on my own in New York City, but when I'm really sick, I still want my mom to take care of me. There is something so comforting in knowing she will go with me to the doctor's office and buy me some chicken soup. I don't need her around all the time, but when I'm vulnerable, it would be nice to have her nearby.

6. It's OK for her to color outside the lines.

How old were you the first time somebody made fun of you for not staying inside the lines of your coloring book? As we get older, our culture leads us to conform and think inside the box or color inside the lines. What's wrong with being on the "outside" of things?

7. She sees the world with rose-colored glasses.

Recently, Averie's momma and one of her Facebook friends had a discussion on how to teach "stranger danger" to their kids. Now as an adult, I've seen enough crime stories on the news and violence in movies to know the world isn't as safe as Averie thinks it is.

8. She gets to start school from the beginning.

If only I had realized how amazing school was when I was in it and how much I would miss it now. Especially the high school and college years. I miss going to class every day to learn, work on projects and mingle with friends. Plus, she'll get to go through the process of picking a college and (potentially) living on her own for the first time in her life.

9. I don't look nearly as good in a princess costume as she does.

I love princesses, just like Averie does. But would everybody think I was adorable if I walked through Disney World wearing a Tinker Bell costume? The answer is no. On a similar note, why are little girl clothes so much cuter than adult women's? Averie's clothes have playful colors in bright hues and patterns. Why don't we get anything that adorable?

10. She can sing as loud as she wants without judgment.

I love to sing. It's one of my favorite activities, but as I've gotten older, less and less people are willing to tolerate my constant Fa-La-La-ing. And like most kids, I'm totally obsessed with "Let It Go." Unfortunately, my roommates are not.

Tell us: Have you ever been jealous of a child? What did they do (or get away with) that made you long for the days when you had no responsibility?

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