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Can We Stop Saying Babies Are Flirting With People?

I used to make jokes about my own toddler flirting with kids her age. That was until I realized just how damaging that can be—even though I meant it in a playful way.
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Stop Calling My Daughter Sweet

The word 'sweet' may be considered a compliment, but it actually has the power to hold girls back. Here's why calling my 4-year-old daughter that is off limits.
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Yes, My Son Is Getting the HPV Vaccine—Here's Why

Christine Coppa's son will have more than his reflexes, ears, and eyes checked at his annual check-up—he will also be getting his HPV vaccine. 
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Why I Don't Want My Kid Playing Fortnite

My daughter and her friends battle royale daily, but in the wake of the mass shootings in this country, I'm rethinking what we consider entertainment.
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20 Bad Things That Can Be Good For Kids

The helicopter has landed: The author of the new book How to Raise an Adult shares the truth about helping kids become self-sufficient.
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Is Miralax Safe for Kids? Experts Explain

Some parents report seeing "horrifying" changes in their children who took the popular laxative. Here's what the experts have to say about Miralax for kids. 
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Why Moms Should Say No More, and How to Actually Do It

It's important to say yes to opportunities that can bring you joy, but it's also necessary to know how to say no when you need a break. Here's your guilt-free guide.