In this month's letter from the editor, Liz Vaccariello breaks the mom-code and confesses to playing favorites—when it comes to the new look of Parents magazine, that is!
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I usually use this space to share stories about being a mom, daughter, friend. But this month, bear with me as I geek out about making magazines! Specifically, the very Parents magazine you’re holding and the hardworking, brilliant team that spent months giving everything a refresh. Do you notice the new energy in the photos, like the family hanging out on our cover or the girl with attitude on page 49? We work hard to capture and select genuine moments. We’re moms and dads too, so we know ’em when we see ’em. The rest of the many changes are subtle, and I’m going to break mom code now by admitting my favorites.

1. Snack Hack

I was gonna call this food column “Snack Mom,” but I stopped myself. Why was I presuming the role was for a woman? Hey, in my house, Dad’s in charge of after-school hunger. Yessss… doing our part for gender equality.

2. You’re Welcome

This section is devoted to the solutions and swag that come across our editors’ desks and complete our lives (all right, make us happy for a sec). Many of the ideas, places, and products will cost you nothing to check out—so you can be delighted for free! Watch that page for an ever-changing menu of special surprises. Trust me, it will make you smile.

3. Our New Cover Logo Font

When creative genius (er… director) Agnethe Glatved and her fab deputy Emily Furlani and I first met, we dreamt of a look that suggested kid but felt grown up. Because we had this alphabet drawn just for us, we even got to name the suite of letters. Meet… Parents Stencil. Go ahead, spend a sec with my favorite lowercase letter, g, on page 172, and my favorite uppercase one, M, on page 93. Any font enthusiasts out there? I hope you’re impressed.

4. Animal House

I might have the brightest twinkle in my eye for our new pet page, Animal House. Photo director and mama-to-be Lily Alt cast more than a dozen kids and their pets for this adorable column. Giggle at it together with your own child! This month you’ll meet Claudia and her kitty, next month Tyler and his bird. Shot by fashion photographer Daymion Mardel (of GapKids, Lands’ End, Target fame), with kid interviews done on-set, Animal House reminds us that the pets of childhood are a bright, strong thread in the fabric of family memories.

5.  Let's Get Real

In the new Let’s Get Real section, I’m calling a tie between “Confessions” (my new-favorite-reader once put pickles on the table and called it dinner) and “Lesson From My Little One” (moms write about when their kid schooled them on being a good person). It’s a wild ride, this parenting. Let’s laugh at our fails, cheer for our wins, and salute our heroes together.

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