Calling All Parents!

Now's your chance to share your hard-earned wisdom and fabulous family stories with parents everywhere. Could you appear in an upcoming issue? Check out the items below, and click on the links to respond.

The Last Hurrah: Did you take a trip before you gave birth? We're looking for stories about the trips that pregnant women took before they gave birth -- maybe it's an exotic babymoon to the Caribbean, or maybe just a 5-hour car trip to visit the family that went horribly wrong! Let me know all about your travel during your pregnancy. Email Kara Mayer Robinson at

Do you have a funny story to share about surviving the nesting phase of pregnancy? Whether you color-coded your baby's closet or knocked down entire walls to get your house just perfect before you gave birth -- we want to know about it! Send your story to taryn.jedlicka@meredith.comand you may be in an upcoming issue of Parents Magazine.

How did you deal with Bedrest? If your doctor prescribed bedrest during your pregnancy, we want to know how you passed the time? What did you do to stay busy and entertain yourself during those weeks or months? Share your story with us by emailing Don't forget to include your name and hometown!

What are Your Toddler Mysteries?

Your toddler drops his sippy cup from the high chair and you have to pick it up, only to have him drop it again. This cycle continues on and off for the next ten minutes. What gives? Between the ages of 12 and 24 months, kids do lots of things that leave parents scratching their heads. We want to know what your toddler does that baffles you. Share your story with us by emailing Don't forget to include your name and hometown.

Hey parents: Do you own the new 2008 Chevy Malibu? If so, we'd love to hear what you think (and you might even be in the magazine). If you're interested, please email, and include your email address and phone.

Does your child have a mood disorder? If you have a child age 10 or younger who has a mood disorder (bipolar disorder, depression, or oppositional defiant disorder), we'd like to talk to you for an article. Your child's name, age, city/state, and possibly a photo, may be included. Please email for further information.

Hey Dads: What's your most challenging child caregiving task? Is there something you really find difficult or annoying -- changing dirty diapers, shopping for your baby, or feeding her baby food? Send your responses to Be sure to include your email address, phone number, and your city and state. Moms are welcome to respond for your husbands (but please clear it with him first).

Did you circumcise your son? Or did you and your spouse decide against it? I'm writing a story for Parents magazine about this topic and want to talk with readers who just had a baby boy (or are pregnant now) about the decision they made. If you'd like to share your take on the topic, please e-mail me at Thanks!

Do you have a babysitter horror story? We want to hear about the worst experience you had with a babysitter you hired, whether it was embarrassing, scary, crazy, or completely infuriating. Please e-mail your story to along with your name, hometown, and daytime phone number. Please write Babysitter in the subject line.

Hey Dad, what's your favorite baby gear? Beyond the basics (baby carriers, playards, pacifiers), we want to hear about the surprising stuff that's proved really useful, time-saving or just plain cool -- whether it's part of your everyday routine or in an occasional pinch. The more specific, the better! Don't forget to include your name, phone number, hometown, and specific product brand name -- as well as WHY it's been so helpful to you and your family. Mom, feel free to pass this along to your partner!

What's the most awesome fundraiser you've ever thrown? We're looking for fun, original, and successful fundraiser ideas, whether you raised money for your kids' school, a friend who's ill, a town project, or whatever. Please e-mail a brief description along with photos of the event (if you have them) to Please include your name, hometown, and phone number.

How do YOU save on healthcare? Okay, savvy moms, we want to hear the ways you save money on your family's healthcare costs. Obviously you never want to compromise quality medical care (ever!) but healthcare can cost a lot! Are there any smart solutions you've come up with to help save? We're looking for any ideas or tricks you use (like buying generic prescriptions when available, for instance). Got a tip? E-mail Make sure to include your name and city/state so we can publish your brilliant idea!

Your Baby's Lovey: Does your 1-year-old have a strange or unusual lovey (comfort object), like a hat or Dad's undershirt? Please send a brief description to Be sure to include your child's first name and age (we're looking for 1-year-olds exclusively), your full name, city/state, and phone number (for fact-checking purposes only). Please write Lovey in the subject line.

Has your child experienced an accident or unfortunate incident that has taught you an important safety lesson? If so, please e-mail your story to Make sure to include your full name, city, state, and a daytime phone number.

Chances are if it worked for you it will work for other parents too! Send us your favorite parenting tips along with a photo of your child and you could be in Parents. If we choose your tip to be published, we'll pay $25. Please include your address and daytime phone number. E-mail

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