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From The Latest Issue

Tamron Hall Takes Us Through a Day in Her Working-Mom Life: 'We're All Just Doing the Best We Can'

The outspoken talk show host has a new baby, a new husband, and a new job, and she’s doing her best to juggle all three. We tagged along with her on a typical Tuesday to see how she does it—or, at least, how she tries.
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How to Allergy-Proof Your Home All Year Long

We asked allergists to explain how environmental factors, like a pet in the home, mold, excess dust, and even climate change, can contribute to seasonal allergies and answer some of your most pressing questions on the subject so you can prevent allergy symptoms before they start.
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Working Parents Are Sleep Deprived When It Matters Most for Their Career: Here's How to Cope

These are the years when you’re supposed to be busting your butt to get ahead—but all you can think about is going back to bed. Here are helpful ways to balance work and weariness so you can stay on top of your job, especially when you don't have adequate paternity leave to fall back on.
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Society Shames Men For Earning Less: Here's How Not to Let It Affect Your Relationship

We all want to be successful, yet earning more than your partner can still stir up mixed emotions. Here’s how to make sure both of you feel valued.
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8 Best Convertible Car Seats 2020

All these smart convertible car seats start as rear-facing, then turn forward when your baby is bigger so they work from birth to about age 10. Hooray for gear that lasts!
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7 Super-Tasty Twists on PB&J Your Kid Will Love

Amp up everyone's favorite PB&J sandwich with these recipes for peanut butter and jelly french toast, candy cups, pizza, and more.
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20 Best Drugstore Makeup and Skincare Picks of 2020

Normally, when you swing through the megamart, you’re on a mission: Cold medicine, check. Batteries, check. And then you walk into the beauty aisle and, wowza, where do you begin?! Whether you're at Target, Walmart, or Walgreens, start with these drugstore finds that are as convenient as they are effective.
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Jenny Mollen: 'I Stopped Making Empty Threats to My Kids and It Paid Off'

It’s easy to threaten our kids with consequences. It’s a lot harder to follow through. In an exclusive for Parents magazine, Jenny Mollen, actress, author, and wife to Jason Biggs, explains the day that all changed for her.
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29 Cute Kids and Their Pets

Considering a family pet? These real kids dishing on their favorite furry (and feathery) best friends just may convince you to go for it.
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More From Parents

8 Must-Have Cold Products for Babies

On average, you can expect your child to have eight to ten colds in her first two years. She’s going to need all this stuff.
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9 Best Baby Floor Seats

Sometimes you must do something other than hold your baby. That’s when you’ll be happy to have one of these baby seats perfect for lounging, sitting or playing.
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Can We Stop Saying Babies Are Flirting With People?

I used to make jokes about my own toddler flirting with kids her age. That was until I realized just how damaging that can be—even though I meant it in a playful way.