Your 2022 Latinx Horoscopes and Power Words Are Here

Intuitive Tarot Reader and Reiki Master, Zayda Rivera, gives us a look at what the stars have in store for our families this year.

Latinx Parenting Horoscopes for ever every sign

The new year is well underway and after two challenging years of pandemic parenting, Latinx familias are eager to find out what lies ahead in 2022. Whether that means spending time together with relatives, traveling to our native countries, or finally getting a breather to enjoy some me-time, we're all craving that connection to our roots, people, and ourselves! And while we can't tell you exactly what the future holds, we can examine the astrological transits for the year and let the stars guide us for every sign.

Let's take a look at what's in store for each zodiac sign this year.


Put on some shades because the sun is shining bright for Aries in 2022. With such a blissful year ahead, there's no better time than now to fill the home with radiant energy. So, get the kids, turn on some salsa (or bachata or merengue), and move!

Power Word: Confidence


It's a boss year for Taurus. Professionally you can expect things to level up so even though it may feel impossible, it's more important than ever to find a healthy work-life balance that prioritizes family fun. Set aside time to focus on the kids and create experiences for them that will also feed your soul.

Power Word: Creativity


Ready, set, go, Gemini! 2022 is a lucky year with financial success on the horizon. Focus on what you're most passionate about. Teach the children that even though the Latinx wage gap is real, nothing should deter them from breaking barriers and living the life of their dreams. The key to success is remaining grounded and humble.

Power Word: Communication


Salud! Here's to good health. All of your focus on self-care and overall well-being from the last year or two are finally paying off! Cancers often feel best when taking care of others, but it's time to show your kids the importance of self-nurturing and how it makes you a better parent.

Power Word: Nurture


La familia is the center of focus for Leo in 2022. Make fun activities with the kids a priority while also bringing harmony to your love life. Your inner light is shining so bright you'll see it reflected back each time you look at your kids and partner. Making it the perfect time to cultivate happiness and pleasure in family life.

Power Word: Generosity


Your hard work is coming to fruition in 2022 so a positive attitude is important. If you start feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to slow down and breathe. It's a great opportunity to show your children how much can be gained from setting aside time to do absolutely nothing. Invite the little ones to sit in meditation with you for five minutes. They may just like it, too!

Power Word: Reflection


It's time for truth-seeking. This 2022 energy will help Libra face past traumas, fears, and pain. So, feel all the feels, Libra, and the kids will learn the importance of allowing their emotions to flow, too. By showing them how to face and manage fears, you will both emerge feeling braver.

Power Word: Healing


Scorpio's parenting skills will be put to the test in 2022. You'll need to navigate between guiding your children and giving them the space for personal growth. It's all positive though, Scorpio. Your kids will be grateful for your support and will seek it out to work through challenges.

Power Word: Motivation


Spending time with loved ones and nurturing your relationships with relatives are key in 2022. Make time to cook a meal together as a family. Make some moro or arepas and get everyone involved. Laugh, dance, and be joyous. It's a cheerful year for your familia, Sag.

Power Word: Unity


The year 2022 is filled with youthful exuberance for Capricorn, who is excited to learn something new. Your children are also craving an evolution. So, get creative and pick up a new skill together. Tango, anyone?

Power Word: Spontaneity


You are the Marie Kondo of 2022, sparking joy in everyone around you (no decluttering involved!). Let the harmonious energy fill your home by spending time with the people you love most. Cook together, dance together, laugh together. Most importantly, show love to one another.

Power Word: Harmony


Pisces' focus on humanitarian efforts in 2022 could leave the homelife craving attention. Involve the kids in helping others who could use some cheering up. They can send Abuela a gift unexpectedly or help make a big pot of sancocho to donate to a food bank. It will feel good for you and them!

Power Word: Compassion

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