3 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About the Upcoming Supermoons

Central to Mayan traditions and mythology, moon cycles have so much to offer. Here's how you and your family can make the most of moon cycles.

Prelude To The Supermoon

On June 14th we will experience our second supermoon of the year during the full moon in Sagittarius, which peaks at 7:52 am E.T. The first supermoon was in May with two more following in July and August. What's special about the supermoon is that it appears to be larger than other full moons due to its proximity to Earth. This big, bright ball illuminating the night sky is certainly something to marvel at, and what better way to see it than with your kids.

Moon rituals for personal growth and manifestation are not reserved for adults only. In fact, our indigenous ancestors had close ties with the moon and were often in ceremony as a collective — including children.

Nowadays, you'll notice that full moon rituals are often crafted for the individual, but parents — especially those into astrology and working with the moon energy — can involve their children by sharing stories of how our ancestors worked with this lunar companion, and how la luna can impact your children's lives today. Chances are your kids will turn into adults who continue working with the moon because its power is undeniable.

3 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About the Upcoming Supermoons

Explore the Cosmos

One way to jumpstart your kids' curiosity about the moon and its powerful energy is to explore the cosmos. Take a fun trip to a bookstore or watch a documentary that explains how connected we are to the moon and how the moon cycles impact things here on planet Earth. This could be a good way to explain mommy's moon cycles (aka menstrual cycles) which often coincide with the moon's.

Get them excited about the cycles of the moon and how the full moon gives us the opportunity to shed what no longer serves us and the new moon helps grant our wishes.

You can also share how our ancestors followed the moon cycles for various rituals and celebrations throughout the year. The moon was central to Mayan traditions and mythology. In fact, the Mayan calendar was created from observing the moon. The Mayan goddess Ixchel was also identified by the moon and symbolized the creation of life.

Identify Sagittarius Traits

Latinx communities have loved astrology for generations. The iconic astrologer Walter Mercado was watched by millions of people all over the world, who wanted to hear what the stars had in store for them through his horoscope predictions.

Each sign has various traits that we can tap into during the moon cycles. So, for example, the upcoming supermoon is the full moon in Sagittarius. Whether or not you have a Sag in your family, everyone has each zodiac signs traits within their birth chart. So, we can tap into the qualities of this fire sign even if it is not our birth sign.

For example, Sagittarius is full of energy and loves seeking justice to make sure everything is right in the world. With the recent events that took place in Uvalde, Latinx families have an opportunity to explain how their children can set intentions under the full moon to end gun violence and create a more peaceful world. It's a creative way to tackle a very serious topic.

Do a Spiritual Cleanse

Get the kids involved in understanding that our indigenous ancestors burned sage to cleanse themselves, spaces, and things that contained negative and stagnant energy. It is believed that the smoke instantly raises the vibration and clears the way for our intentions to be heard more clearly.

Walk around the house and show them how by allowing the sage smoke to waft up into the corners of each room you are cleansing it of any energy that has been built up over time. Energy is often stored in the little nooks and crannies of our rooms, so don't forget to pay special attention to those areas when doing spiritual cleanses or smudging.

Follow the sage with palo santo, the scared tree indigenous cultures have used in healing and spiritual rituals for centuries. Explain that while sage cleansed the space, ridding it of negative and stagnant energy, the palo santo smoke seals in all the goodness.

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