Watching These Latinx Families Dance on TikTok is the Mood Boost We All Need

It's OK to find joy during difficult times. Here's how one of our favorite ways to spend time with familia is also a great way to boost endorphins.

Father having fun dancing with daughters and filming it at home - girl with special needs

Mira, let's just admit that the state of the world is rough right now—leaving many of us with complicated feelings. Just when it started to seem like the COVID-19 pandemic was improving, parents with children under 5-years-old found out their kids wouldn't be eligible for vaccines anytime soon and the rest of the world kind of went on fire. It's been heavy seeing what's happening to trans youth in Texas and watching the invasion of Ukraine by Russian President Vladimir Putin has been heartbreaking—seeing families being separated have triggered all kinds of memories of the border separations.

But despite everything that seems to be falling apart today, it's important to try to keep up with our mental health and attempt to lift our spirits in whatever small ways that we can. For the sake of our own families. Yes, we can give ourselves permission to find moments of joy during these dark times. And for many of us Latinx folks that means spending time with familia and embracing traditions. We know that seeing abuelito hug the baby or mami teach our kids how to make her famous arroz con pollo always brings a smile to our faces.

It's no wonder that so many families have found TikTok as a way to bring different generations together to do what many of us Latinx families like to do best: bailar. No one can deny our enthusiasm for musica and dancing as Latinxs. Moving in a rhythmic motion to your favorite song is not only a way for you to connect to your roots but also a good form of exercise and is known to increase endorphins (a natural mood boosting chemical that your body produces). Dancing is also a great way to bond, and has been shown to help develop your baby's brain and improve their language skills. Who knew one of our favorite activities was so good for us?

So, while dancing and music is in no way a solution to world peace, it's a simple way to bring some harmony into your home and a special way to keep tradition alive. Still need more motivation?

These Latinx Families Dancing on TikTok Are Inspiring Us To Move

The family behind @gustavokrystaldance bring a bright spot to their almost one million followers on a regular basis with their fun dance videos. We especially love the ones starring their adorable daughter.

Any other papas out there feel like dancing keeps them sane like @nycgaydad?

Sometimes, you just need to dance it out with your mami and hermanas, like the @Latinfamilyd did​​.

Um, can we ALL get the fancy light show that @angelicarojas135 uses to dance with her boys?!

BIG Latinx families like @gabyycolomboo's means BIG dance parties, amirite?

We can all relate to this baby's face as his uncle @tommyramiro wakes him up, Latin family-style.

We kind of wish that our own cousins were as talented as @soniaalejandrae07's are!

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