10 Spanish Language Books For Kids

Del Norte al Sur
Want to raise bilingual kids? Get them reading en Español. To get started, check out these Spanish-language books for different ages.


By Arthur Dorros

A young girl daydreams about flying over New York City alongside her grandmother with help from the birds they feed at a nearby park in this fantastical tale that celebrates the bond between abuelas and their nietas. Ages 3 to 7, $8

Un Lazo A La Luna

By Lois Ehlert

This clever retelling of an ancient Peruvian tale centers on an adventurous fox determined to visit the moon and the mole friend he convinces to join him with the promise of big worms waiting up there for him to eat. The papel picado illustrations, based on actual Peruvian textiles, add to the book's folkloric feel. Ages 3 to 7, $7


By Jonah Winter

Introduce kids to Frida Kahlo in this uplifting book about the Mexican painter's life and struggles. With beautiful illustrations inspired by Kahlo's own works, the story emphasizes the artist's perseverance and daring spirit. Ages 4 to 8, $13

Muu, Moo! Rimas de Animales

By Alma Flor Alda and Isabel Campoy

Cats, insects, and other creatures big and small are depicted in the 16 animal nursery rhymes and beautiful watercolor illustrations in this sweet collection. With roots in Cuba, Mexico, and other Latin countries, the rhymes are not only fun to recite, but easy to remember as well. Ages 4 to 8, $14

?Qué Cosas Dice Mi Abuela!

By Ana Galan

A boy recounts the many dichos uttered by his abuela throughout the course of a day and marvels at how succinctly they encapsulate important lessons about manners and values. Ages 4 to 8, $4

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By Sandra Cisneros

The acclaimed author of The House on Mango Street celebrates diversity in this heartwarming tale about a young girl that recognizes the different colors, lengths, textures, and smells of her family members' hair. Ages 5 to 8, $7

La Cucarachita Martina

By Hector Cuenca

The old Cuban folktale about a pretty cockroach who turns down a number of potential suitors asking for her hand in marriage before finally choosing her ideal spouse gets a retelling that will make kids smile and parents nostalgic. Ages 5+, $8

La Gallina Cocorina

By Mar Pavon

Written in verse, this adorably goofy tale finds Cocorina, a clumsy yet kind-hearted chicken, at the center of a vicious rumor cackled at the henhouse. Her three loyal chicks ignore the gossip because they love their mami, flaws and all. Ages 5 to 7, $13

Los Tamales de Ana

By Gwendolyn Zepeda

Eager to express her independence, 6-year-old Ana mixes the dough needed to make tamales for Christmas, all the while wishing she were in charge of the more complicated tasks given to her older sister. In time, she learns the value of patience and the satisfaction of accomplishing a goal, no matter how small. Ages 3 to 7, $13

Del Norte al Sur

By René Colato Laínez

This hopeful story tackles the issue of immigration through the eyes of José, a boy whose mother is deported to Mexico for not having citizenship papers. On the weekend, Jose and his father travel from their home in San Diego, California to visit his mom in Tijuana, where he meets other children separated from their families. Ages 7 to 8, $10

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