Highland, Utah, mom Ali Hynek weaves her passion for travel and fashion into an accessories line she oversees with triplets in tow.

Ali Hynek and Husband with Triplets
Credit: Becky Kimball

I’ve always had a strong desire to work with the people from my mom’s native Guatemala. The culture is so rich, and the artisans are very talented. That’s why I founded the textile company Nena & Co. We take traditional, handwoven fabrics and turn them into bohemian-chic bags and accessories. Having my own business is demanding, but I’ll work all night if I can spend all day with my babies, Penelope, Alejandra, and Ethan, 15 months. I answer emails and take meetings at home while they nap, and I turned my office at Nena & Co. into a nursery.

Staying Connected

My husband, Jeremy, and I try to do things that make us feel like we’re still dating, something more engaging than just dinner and a movie. We’ll go on a hike, drive up to a canyon near our house, or go horseback riding with friends. But sometimes we just go to my mom’s house and take a nap!

Third Time’s a Charm 

After three years of IVF treatments, we got triplets on our third and final try. I was not mentally prepared for having triplets. It took a minute to set in!

Business Insider

My parents had a company that made piñatas. I grew up spending my summers helping out—it prepped me for Nena & Co. We manufacture and source everything ourselves.

Community Service

Today we have 40 employees in Guatemala and 11 employees in Utah, including my younger brother, David, who is COO of our U.S. operation, and my parents, whom I brought on because of their background in manufacturing. We give back to the people we work with in Guatemala. We’ve provided purifiers for families with no access to clean water and birthing kits that help lower the infant-mortality rate. Recently, we worked with American companies to provide new clothing, pajamas, blankets, and moccasins to a Guatemalan hospital for disabled and malnourished children.