Model Jenny Lopez On the Holiday Traditions and Rituals She Wants to Start With Her Son

Globe-trotting mom and model Jenny Lopez may be staying home this Christmas season just like the rest of us, but she’s found plenty of ways to make it special while keeping her sanity intact.

Jenny Lopez with her son Elias
Lopez and her son, Elias, 7, are set to enjoy Christmas at home!. Photo: Tato Gomez

Mom, blogger, and model Jenny Lopez shared her secrets for having a fantastic holiday season—even during a year where travel and large gatherings are not possible. The mom of a 6-year-old son told us all about how to emulate her fabulous style and pass down important traditions from generation to generation. Here's are her top four tips for festive winter.

1. Get glam even if you have nowhere to go.

I usually spend Christmas in Cartagena, Colombia, but this year we'll stay home in Miami. I think dressing up will put me in the holiday spirit. The right outfit can really change your mindset! Lately, I've been wearing silk, cotton, and other comfy fabrics, but I love to glam up my style by adding accessories—like a sequined belt, a colorful scarf, layered necklaces. And I also use color to activate my senses. My wardrobe is a rainbow. Even pretty underwear can make a difference!

2. Bring the outside in.

Like many other people, I've been really into making over my home lately. I live in an apartment by the beach and decorated my balcony with small palms, aloe vera, bougainvillea, and other tropical plants. In fact, I would describe the inside as tropical as well: I have pops of turquoise (my favorite color), paintings of beaches on the wall, and an 8-foot floor lamp in the shape of a palm tree designed by Mexican artist Mario Lopez Torres. I also like to play with texture and have throws in different materials around the house to keep it inviting.

3. Search for serenity.

Meditation helps me feel calmer and deal with my day. I try to do it every morning as part of my routine because I see it as a basic need. I listen to Deepak Chopra's YouTube channel, The Chopra Well, and love the Inscape app, which lets you create guided meditations just for you. I also practice affirmations: "Let's not get stressed over the things we can't control" is something I tell myself daily.

4. Keep traditions alive.

I'm always looking for ways to pass on my customs to my 7-year-old son, Elias. We decorate the tree together with ornaments I've collected from trips around the world. At Christmas, we always eat Colombian food and desserts, like buñuelos and natilla. Because I was raised in a Catholic family, I practice Las Novenas: a set of devotional prayers recited during the nine days before Christmas that tell the story of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. Kids typically join in by singing villancicos. My favorite is "Mi Burrito Sabanero," which I've been listening to since I was a little girl. For me, the holidays are all about family.

This article originally appeared in Parents Latina's December/January 2021 issue as "Put the 'Feliz' Back Into Navidad!"

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