My New-Mom Beauty Must

You will never catch me without makeup-- just ask any of my amigas! It's the one accessory that makes me feel so pulled-together, polished and like I can take on the world.

Despite having my bebes and having much less time to dedicate to my beauty regimen, I still make it a point every day to do a quick, five-minute touch-up to my face—especially when I'm operating on two hours of sleep. I may be so tired, but look it? ¡Nunca! I just can't start my day without my maquillaje.

But after having my children, there was one cosmetic item I did give up—lipstick, and I have a good reason why. When I would I kiss my little boys, which is every five seconds, I would get lipstick all over them. So I ditched it for awhile.

However, like any mom of a toddler and newborn knows, I'm not getting much sleep these days--and my face is showing it, big time! I started missing my lipstick, because I know that with just one swipe of my fave berry shade, I can instantly wipe the exhaustion off of my face. So I recently introduced pintalabios into my routine. My three-year-old, Hudson noticed immediately and said: "Mommy, your lips are dirty." He's never seen me with such bright lips!

Hudson is too young to understand that my efforts to look pulled together is a reflection of the pride I feel in representing our family. That's something I learned from my own mama. So I kissed him like I always do, despite my "dirty" lips.

Photo via Yesenia Almonte

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