By Yesenia Almonte
November 25, 2014
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Now that we've gotten my baby's first Thanksgiving out of the way, I have different things to worry about this holiday season. Tis' the time for major chisme (gossip).

Getting together with la familia to celebrate Thanksgiving is something I look forward to all year long--the taste of mami's delicious pernil and the smell of pastelitos fresh from the frying pan. Oh, right, and then there's the pent-up gossip that my familia has been saving all year long to divulge! And with Facebook in our lives, the chisme has gone social and spread like wildfire! The smack fest happens every single year--the out-of-left-field insult by a random cousin or the aunt who feels slighted for not having been invited to a birthday party! Been there, right?

There's no way to escape it, and while I try to ignore it, the chisme just sucks me in much like that extra helping of turkey that shouldn't have made it's way to my plate. But this year with a toddler and a newborn to attend to, I'm hoping for once I can ignore the drama and a Facebook fight with my prima. When in the midst of chisme and chismosos at past family gatherings, kids have proven to be the best distractions and ultimate elixirs for the toxic fumes generated by such drama, which is why I know what my focus will be this Thanksgiving.

I've learned the best thing to do is remain calm (I don't want my niños seeing me react negatively to such pettiness). Thanksgiving is usually festive with a side dish of drama, but my advice is to smile, laugh out loud, eat all the flan your tummy can take--and take the good and bad that is, your familia.

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