By Yesenia Almonte
November 20, 2014

Every time Hudson, my three-year-old, isn't feeling well, his abuelas come to his rescue with some Vicks VapoRubto gently rub on his chest. My good friend, a Salvadoreña, even suggests applying the ointment to your baby's feet and placing socks over them, to trap the magical powers of the product. She assured me this strategy would be a miraculous cure for the sniffles and help my LO sleep soundly.

The idea of a menthol-smelling ointment curing the common cold seemed pretty far-fetched. Plus, the smell is so strong! But last night I was desperate when my LO, Crosby, couldn't sleep because his nose was so clogged. He tossed and turned—so did I! Finally, after being awake with him for so long, I whipped out the Vicks VapoRub.

I rubbed a little on his chest and around his nose to clear up the passages. He fell asleep and slept for a two and half hour stretch, enough to make a believer out of me. What remedy does your mother swear by that seems unique to your culture? I'd love to know. Maybe I'll try it!

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Photo via Yesenia Almonte


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