Abuela's Recipes Are Trending on TikTok—and Now We're Hungry

Find out how Latina grandmothers are spicing up our weeknight dinner routines. 

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There's nobody better than Abuela to school you on life while simultaneously dishing out some love. So when we started seeing our cherished matriarchs popping up on TikTok sharing timeless wisdom, showing off slick dance moves, and—yummiest of all—teaching the secrets to their delicious cooking, we were all, "go, grandma!"

Over the last year, Latinx TikTokers have created a treasure trove of videos showcasing their grandmothers' recetas, from Puerto Rican sofrito to Bizcocho Dominicano, all with a single common ingredient—abuela's love. It's the reminder we all needed that food is still one of the best and tastiest ways to connect to our Latinx roots.

With chilly winter months providing the perfect excuse to retreat to the warmth of the kitchen and experiment with dishes old and new, here are five Abuela-approved TikTok recipes to inspire your weeknight dinners.


Packed with flavor, this vegetable puree is the base of many Caribbean dishes. TikToker @pinkhodzilla shows us how her Puerto Rican abuelita makes sofrito with peppers, garlic, and, of course, the fresh herb that sets Puerto Rican sofrito apart from all others—recao.


Colombians and Venezuelans both claim arepas—cornmeal cakes often stuffed with cheese—as their own. We won't veer into that debate, but we can say with certainty that these arepas made by @isabela.buza31, with her grandmother's guidance, pass the eye test.

Pollo al Verdeo

Even popular TikTok chefs need help from grandma from time to time. Watch as @lasrecetasdesimon enlists his abuela to demonstrate how this traditional Argentinian dish—chicken in a creamy scallion sauce—is made.


In Mexico, it's common to eat chilaquiles, corn tortillas simmered in salsa and topped with a fried egg, for breakfast. But watching @_masmasa in action proves breakfast is really just a social construct! This dish can warm your soul any time of day.

Bizcocho Dominicano

We can't forget el postre! This Traditional Dominican sponge cake—made with an abundance of butter—from @laabuelamily has our sweet tooth buzzing. Just make sure to turn the sound on for a full sensory experience!

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